Certification Programs

Name DescriptionUnits RequiredTime Allowed
Certified Bereavement Practitioner ProgramThe Certified Bereavement Practitioner (CBP) Program ensures that bereavement practitioners who have undertaken specialised training are given due recognition.10 CPD2 Years0f58eec5-947b-4b30-8a24-feedeac4c16e

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How do I view the requirements for the CBP program?
Select the program name to view the requirements, the units required, and the time allowed to complete.

How do I submit documentation?
Each requirement provides an opportunity for you to attach a single PDF file which contains evidence of attainment of that requirement. If you have multiple documents you will need to merge these to create a single document which contains all of the required evidence. To merge multiple documents you can either use a free online service or use an existing application

Each requirement asks for a date. What date do I select?
Enter the date that you submitted the requirement online.

How do I indicate I completed a requirement?
Some requirements allow you to select "Record Completion" for the requirement, or for the specific offering that you completed, to enter your completion details. Other requirements may require that certification staff record your completion. 

How do I complete a program?
Complete of all the necessary requirements, including obtaining approval if needed, and make sure that you have earned the minimum number of units.
If the program requires approval, it will appear as Earned after your completion has been approved.

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