I don't know where to start to tell you about the most wonderful person I have ever met in my lifetime.

I moved into town, and I needed something to fulfill my life. I went for a walk down the main street, and that's when I saw a poster in the Lifeline Opp Shop for more volunteers. I went in and asked about how I could be a volunteer and that is the day I met Noelene; she was the co-ordinator after I enrolled as a volunteer.

We talked and I looked forward to being a volunteer. There was something about her I admired. I couldn't wait to go and be a volunteer!

Sadly, my first husband became very sick, and, in the end, he willed himself to die. Noelene came to my rescue. She would ring, pop in for a cuppa - then we organised to meet every Wednesday night after her shift at the Opp Shop for Happy Hour dinner. Just a chat, she gave me something I needed - a friend. 

Then six months later I met up with a person that I had been keeping Western DVDs for - his name was Cec. We became an item and it turned out that Cec worked with Noelene's husband at the SEC, so we still met up on a Wednesday night for drinks and tea. 

Well, four years down the track, Cec asked me to marry him so when I agreed, Noelene offered to help out. It was like she was the Mother of the Bride. She sort of became my proxy, as by then my Mum had passed over. 

I picked a wedding dress at the Opp Shop. Noelene did her magic and made the dress fit - she made me feel like a princess! a million dollars!

On the day of my wedding, she invited all my family and friends to lunch - it was very special.

Along the way I had decided to do a course to become an Integration Aide - Noelene always wanted to know how it was going so when I graduated, I made sure she was invited as she had been my back-stop.

Sadly, four years later, Cec became very sick, but you guessed it - Noelene was my angel. She came up and was there for me.

Cec died on the 10th April 2012. Noelene gave me her love and was there once again.

The next year I found a new friend, Graham, but in 2015 he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. He had it removed on the 9th July 2015.

I rang Noelene to tell her it went okay. Graham told me he was tired and he suggested I go home for the weekend. I rang Noelene. We planned on having a bottle of bubbly when he came home. I came home for the weekend, and on the Sunday, Noelene invited Mary and me for lunch. I got there and Noelene gave me the biggest hug - something we never did, even though I loved her.

After quarter of an hour, the phone rang. Noelene went to talk on the phone in her bedroom. I heard an almighty crash and found that Noelene had had a massive stroke. I held her in my arms on my lap until the ambos came. They put her on life-support. I went to see her the next day, and with all the tubes she didn't look the same - no hair done, no make-up, looking like a grand lady she was and always will be in my heart and mind. 

A week later she passed away to a better place - I only wanted the best for her - she deserved it.

On the day of the funeral, in the church, a ray of sun came through the window. It was like she was saying "I am with you. I will never be far away" which is what I believe in my heart to be true. 

Then in April 2016, Graham was diagnosed with brain cancer and was given six months to live. He had seven months, dying on 4th December 2016. How I wished Noelene was here for our cuppa and chats, as I felt very alone.

After Noelene went to a better place, I had a bluebird tattoo and it says "Noelene forever". She will always be in my heart. I think of her every day - her love, kindness and the love of her garden. When I go past, I imagine her in the garden she had - it looked lovely.

If there are angels on earth, she was one. I hope she gets the Royal Treatment where she is as she sure deserves it.

Miss you lovely special lady