2017 International Educator Tour Dr Dale G Larson (Ph.D)

We are delighted to announce Dr Dale G Larson (Ph.D) as the International Educator for 2017.  Dr Larson will present two one-day programs in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney from Monday 19th to Tuesday 27th June. 
As an active clinician in bereavement and end-of-life care, Dr. Larson will bring his considerable experience in research, theory, practice and training to these highly interactive programs. On Day One,  we will explore the rationale for an intergrative person-centred approach as the foundation of for grief counselling. You will explore practical skills which will focus on the challenges that person-centred care with grieving, seriously ill and traumatised clients present. View the video for more details on this program. 

On Day Two, we will address the secrets that arise in every-day clinical practice at the end-of-life care. The workshop will explore social constraints; stigma and disenfranchised loss; family secrets and the ethical issues in managing client secrets during bereavement and at the end-of-life. Dr. Larson is the leading researcher clinical in dealing with these complex issues in bereavement and at end of life. View the video as Dr Larson explains more about the program.
Both programs will enhance your clinical practice and draws on recent work in several areas including: self-concealment and health; client secret keeping in therapy; secrets at the end of life; social constraints, stigma and disenfranchised loss; family secrets; trauma healing, the writing cure, and adaptive disclosure; ethical issues in the management of client secrets; helper secrets; and end-of-life conversations
We look forward to welcoming you in June as we explore current best practice in end-of-life and bereavement care with a renowned expert in the field.