Clinical Supervision

The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement (ACGB) is a provider of clinical supervision with a particular focus on practitioners working in the fields of grief and bereavement. A team of accredited clinical supervisors, who are also certified bereavement practitioners, are available to offer face to face, telephone and online supervision to practitioners.

The team have a diverse range of formal qualifications, extensive clinical knowledge and counselling experience.

Clinical supervision is conducted within the context of a signed contract and adherence to ACGB's Code of Conduct  and Standards of Practice .

ACGB supports a collaborative and reflective style of supervision consisting of educative, supportive, administrative and ethical components.

What can you expect from an ACGB clinical supervisor?

- Confidentiality and adherence to privacy principals
Familiarity with a range of clinical supervision models
Experience and knowledge of working with a diverse client group
Awareness of, and sensitivity to race, culture, gender, sexuality, disability and economics
Support to work through ethical dilemmas
Attention to legal responsibilities
Respect and a safe space of learning
Evidence-based practice and feedback informed treatment
A high standard of record-keeping

Clinical supervision areas for discussion:

Case reviews, treatment planning and complex client interventions
Application of counselling theory
Ethical issue, including boundaries
Duty of care and legal responsibilities for mandatory reporting
Risk assessment and management
Transference and countertransference 
Use of self in clinical work
How to write effective case notes
Cultural competence
Relationships with colleagues and management 
Work related stressors
Career goals
Developing confidence
Managing personal and professional demands
Self-care as a practitioner 

Frequency of clinical supervision

The frequency of clinical supervision may be dependant on the number of clients, a worker is supporting. Most professional counselling associations require a minimum of ten hours of supervision per year to fulfil membership requirements.

Further information and fees

For further information download the Making the most of Clinical Supervision information sheet. To enquire about fees, please call 1800 642 066 or email [email protected] to arrange to speak with one of our clinical supervisors.


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