Bereavement Counselling Services

The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement Counselling and Support Service Melbourne office is located at 253 Wellington Road, Mulgrave, Victoria 3170.

Bereavement counselling and support is available at our Mulgrave office and we also provide services to anyone in Victoria via our telephone and online counselling service which uses high-quality videoconference technology. This provides a convenient, private and secure way of connecting with a bereavement practitioner from your home.

Workplace and Organisational Support

The Bereavement Counselling Support Services responds to enquiries from a range of community groups, employers, schools and other organisations seeking grief and loss support after a bereavement. For assistance with on-site consultancy, counselling or debriefing support, a fee of $250 per hour inclusive of GST will be charged. 

For further information, referrals and appointments please call (03) 9265 2100 or email contact us via email.
Rights and Responsibilities
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