Fee for Service Information

The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement (ACGB) provides a range of bereavement counselling and support services. Services are delivered at our centre, within the community and at a number of regional locations throughout Victoria. We generate a component of income via a fair and transparent fee for service process. 

What are fees for service?

A fee for service is a financial contribution payable by a client which in part meets the cost of the service received. 

Why are fees for service charged?

The State Government provides the majority of funding towards the operation of the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement. State government guidelines have been developed which guide ACGB in the implementation of a fair and consistent approach to client contributions towards the cost of services provided. Income generated from client fees is used to provide additional services. 

Do all clients pay fees? 

The majority of clients accessing ACGB services are expected to pay a fee that contributes to the cost of the services provided for them. Exemptions from fee for service are provided for people from Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander backgrounds, those receiving bushfire bereavement related services and those attending bereavement support groups. Those attending bereavement support groups are encouraged to make a donation to defray the cost of running the program. 

How much is the fee for service? 

The fee for service payable by the client is dependent upon the client’s income level. Clients will be asked to self declare as high, medium or low income at the time of referral processing. The high, medium and low fee for the relevant services will be explained to the client at the time of intake.

Annual Income Brackets Fee
Individual Couple Family (1 child)  
Less than $36,438 Less than $55,770 Less than $61,647 $20.00
From $36,438 to $79,514 From $55,770 to $106,298 From $61,647 to $111,931 $65.00
More than $79,514 More than $106,298 More than $111,240 $125.00

* Please note, there is a $15 surcharge for appointments after 5.00pm

For families with more than one child - plus $5,533 per additional child

Please note: Fees are applied pro rata when part hour services are provided

What if the fee is not affordable?

ACGB is committed to ensuring that no client is disadvantaged based on inability to pay a fee for service. Please speak to an administration/reception staff member at the time of first appointment A fee adjustment may result in a percentage reduction of the standard fee for service.

Will fees be reviewed or changed in the future? 

Income level categories and fee levels will be indexed annually. A fee may be reassessed if a client’s financial circumstances change or at the request of the client.

What is the process for feedback or appeals? 

ACGB welcomes all forms of feedback and is committed to timely resolution of any grievance. Communication can take place face to face, in written form or by phone (contact details below).

Can I find out more information?

For further details regarding fee for service at ACGB please contact us by email or phone (03) 9265 2100. 


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