Victorian Fees

The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement (ACGB) operates a state-wide Bereavement Counselling and Support Service (BCSS) for Victoria. Services include counselling, support groups, clinical supervision, secondary consultation, workplace and organisational support and resources.

Client fees for counselling and attendance at support groups are usually at the following rates, although currently waived during the COVID-19 pandemic:

 Service Type    Fee rate for Health Care Card holders    Fee rate for non-Health Care Card holders 
 Counselling: face to face, Telephone,  Telehealth    $20 per hour    $60 per hour
 Support Group program    $5 per group    $10 per group

The BCSS provides clinical supervision to other practitioners and on request, to employers, schools and community groups seeking bereavement support.

Fees for these services as follows:

 Service Type    Rate per hour     Travel cost per hour
 Clinical supervision or secondary consultation provided
 face to face, by telephone or online
   $130    N/A
 Critical response support sessions for groups up to
 20 participants
   $300    $110 (pro-rata)

Interstate Fees

 Service Type    Rate per hour     Travel cost per hour
 Individual counselling provided by telephone or online     $130*    N/A

*Please note, fees are waived nationally for clients seeking bereavement support resulting from COVID-19 related deaths

 Service Type    Fee rate for ACGB members     Fee rate for non-members
 Individual clinical supervision or secondary consultation
 by telephone or online via video
   $130 per hour    $150 per hour
 Online group supervision (up to 5 participants per group
 at 90 minutes per session
   $480+GST for 6 sessions     $660+GST for 6 sessions

 Service Type    Rate per hour 
 Referral to private specialist bereavement counsellor
 delivered by telephone or online via video
   *Note: for appointments after 6PM, an extra fee may be charged

For all enquiries about the above services or other available resources contact the Centre on 1800 642 066 or (03) 9265 2100