Internship Program

Clinicians who complete the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement (ACGB) Internship Program, gain extensive experience, knowledge and specialist skills in bereavement counselling and support group facilitation.

Working under ACGB’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, Interns have the opportunity to provide counselling support to individuals, children and families who have experienced various types of bereavement, including companion animal loss, and also participate in the co-facilitation of bereavement support groups.

Interns are provided clinical supervision, professional development, and team support and guidance within the Bereavement Counselling Support Service. They also have access to academic publications and ultimately, a pathway to becoming a Certified Bereavement Practitioner.

A Certificate of Internship is awarded on completion of the following:

  • 80 hours of bereavement counselling (a combination of face to face, telephone and online via video) or, 64 hours of counselling and 16 hours of support group facilitation
  • 20 hours of clinical supervision (one hour of supervision for every four hours of counselling/support group facilitation)
  • Attendance at three case presentation evenings, including presentation of one case.

The entry criteria for the Internship Program is:

  • A three-year degree or post-graduate degree in Counselling, Health, Medicine, Nursing, Psychology, Social Sciences, Social Welfare, Social Work, Theology, or related field
  • Graduate Certificate in Bereavement Counselling and Intervention (10775NAT), or its equivalent
  • Demonstration of a minimum of 200 hours general counselling experience within a two-year period (this could be in a paid or voluntary role)
  • Membership with ACA, PACFA or other related body, or evidence of working towards membership Current Police Check Current Working with Children Check
  • Successful applicants are required to attend an interview with a selection panel, and provide a resume including two professional referees.

The Internship Program fee is $2000 and can be paid in instalments over the internship time frame of approximately 12 to 18 months. All internships take place at ACGB’s office in Mulgrave, Victoria.

A bereavement counsellor on completion of the Internship Program stated, it provided a range of opportunities, including: “…growth through professional development, peer group presentations, supervision and of course, direct service with clients. Through supervision, I have reached a deeper understanding and ability to integrate my first discipline of gestalt therapy with contemporary loss and grief approaches”.

Practitioner Associate

There are ongoing opportunities for experienced bereavement counsellors to become Practitioner Associates (PAs) with ACGB. PAs offer their time in a voluntary capacity as bereavement counsellors with the Centre's Bereavement Counselling and Support Service.

When a student successfully completes the Internship Program, they may request to continue providing bereavement counselling as a volunteer at ACGB, as a PA. They may attend case presentation and professional development sessions as well as a limited number of ACGB workshops held at Mulgrave free of charge. Supervision is provided at a ratio of one hour for every eight hours of counselling contact. Further Information For further information about the Internship or the Practitioner Associate program, please contact the Internship and Practitioner Associate Program Co-ordinator, Susan Meyerink on (03) 9265 2100 or email [email protected] 

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