Cherie's Poem to Chloe

By Cherie Douglas

You left us 18 months ago
You left without goodbye
You left us all so suddenly
without us understanding why
You left us with an emptiness
A void we cannot fill
You left us broken-hearted
You left a dejected will.

We’re told that it gets easier-
Just take it day by day
We’re told the sadness fades-
That the pain will go away
We’re told you’re in a better place-
one we’ve never known
We’re told you have a special spot-
We’re told you’re not alone.

But how do we move forward
without your smiling face?
How do we hold our memories
How do we slow the pace?
How do we find peace
When we’ve been dealt this hand?
How do we find courage
How do we make a stand?

I wonder what you’d look like
if you had turned 13
I wonder if you’d be the angel 
you had always been
I wonder if we’d known
that May 13 was your last day
I wonder if given the chance
We’d say the things we wanted to say.

I’d say that you were beautiful
you were sweet & kind & smart,
I’d say you meant the world to me
You had a special place in my heart
I’d say please reassure us
that we will be okay
that we will still find happiness
that the pain will go away.

Time keeps ticking onwards
But the blackness still remains
Life keeps moving forward
But our lives are rearranged
Another anniversary
No easier than the last
Another day without you
Another day has passed.

(For my beautiful neice Chloe Myors,
10.06.00 – 14.05.13, now Heaven’s Angel)

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