Nothing Much Changes at My House

By Mim Markovic

The dust from a thousand solo dances lives on the mantelpiece
In places where the dust cloth doesn’t reach
Tumbleweeds of dog hair gather and meet
Under the couch, multiplying every week

Cobwebs wave me goodbye as i leave for work
And greet me when i return from my exercise class
Bills inevitably come in on Tuesday and I stick them on the fridge 
Ritualistically I put the bins and recycling out every Wednesday

I dream similar themes, 
Night, after night, after night
Of trains, toilets, crowds and swimming 
I am a psychoanalyst’s delight  

The online dating sites 
Offer the same old 
Lonely hearts looking for meaningless sex
Whilst I search for meaningfulness in life

Every day I think of my dead lover and wish I could have coffee and talk with him again

Then i buy a new flat pack dining setting 
And pretend i am an interior designer for an hour
I find luxury Egyptian sheets (on special) and change my bedding
And dream that I am kissing a good looking stranger in the shower

I join an online social group 
Dress up, take a deep breath
And bravely go out on my own
To smile and meet new people 

Nothing much really  
Changes at my house
The changes you see, 
Happen inside me


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