October intake: Parental Grief

Self-Paced Course Overview

The death of a child has a devastating impact on a parent because a catastrophic event of this scale assaults one's identity, threatens one's view of the world, strains the marital relationship, changes the psychological landscape of the family, and leaves its irreversible mark on the surviving children. While there is a body of research on the unspeakable tragedy of parental bereavement , little attention has been given to the unique challenges, and overwhelming responsibilities parents face whilst addressing their own grief reactions  and in parenting their surviving bereaved children.

This workshop addresses the delicate and complex predicament facing bereaved parents; as they navigate the overwhelming feelings of loss as well as continue to parent their surviving children or subsequent children. The workshop will provide strategies to help the whole family acknowledge the death of a loved family member and create a continuing bond with the deceased.

Learning Outcomes

Module one - Identify special features of parental loss

Module two - Describe the theoretical frameworks that inform the field of loss, grief and bereavement

Module three - Identify and describe a range of online and face to face therapeutic interventions that may be useful when working with bereaved parents and their family including sibling grief

Module four - Primary and secondary losses, navigating social situations, self care of the parents, self care of the therapist

These pre-recorded modules are designed for individuals who want to learn and access professional development in this self-paced format.

They are flexible, affordable and have been designed to be highly engaging and case based.

Breakdown of Self-paced courses - 4 x 1 hour pre-recorded learning modules and 4 multiple choice quizzes. Total hours = 5 hours

Presenter Bio

Clare Robbins, BA Hons in Counselling, ACA Registered Counsellor Level 4

Clare Robbins is one of WA's leading trauma and bereavement specialist. Clare began her interest in the field of grief and loss in 2003 when she trained as a bereavement counsellor for the UK CRUSE organisation. Clare holds a BA (Hons) in Counselling and is an Accredited Bereavement Counsellor for CRUSE and a member of the college of Supervisors with the Australian Counselling Association.

Throughout Clare's career she has specialised in the area of grief and loss with family relationship breakdown at Anglicare WA, has worked as a Suicide bereavement counsellor for Anglicare WA's ARBOR program, as a bereavement specialist with Red Nose WA counselling parents and family members after the sudden loss of a child including perinatal loss and is currently working with those impacted by road trauma and bereavement for Road Trauma Support WA.

Clare has been delivering workshops and training since 2000 both in the UK and Australia. Clare's presentations are filled with her expertise and brought to life with clinical anecdotes and case studies.

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26/09/2022 9:00 AM - 23/10/2022 11:00 PM
AUS Eastern Standard Time
Self-paced Course

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