Lost and Found
Lost and Found
Millie Bird (aka Captain Funeral), seven-years old and ever hopeful. Her struggling mother leaves Millie in a local department store and never returns. Agatha Pantha, eighty-two, has not left her house or spoken to another human being since she was widowed seven years ago. Karl the Touch Typist, eighty-seven, once used his fingers to type out love notes on his wife's skin. Now he types his words out into the air as he speaks. A series of events binds the three together on a road trip that takes them from the south coast of WA to Kalgoorlie and along the Nullarbor to the edge of the continent. They will discover that old age is not the same as death, that the young can be wise, and that letting yourself experience sadness just might be the key to life.

Author: Brooke Davis
ISBN: 9780733632754
Theme: Fiction
Category: Adults, General Public
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