Children & Grief (Pre-School) Information Sheet (x10)

Children & Grief (Pre-School) Information Sheet (x10)
Following the death of someone close, parents are often concerned about how to best support and meet the needs of their children. Like adults, children experience, express and process grief in a variety of ways depending on their age, stage of development, personality, family culture, understanding of death, past experiences of loss and the context of their bereavement. When considering how best to provide support, the child’s unique grieving needs should also be considered.

This double-sided, A4-sized information sheet is designed to help parents and caregivers to understand and help pre-school-age children, i.e. aged five years and under, navigate their grief experience.

Author: Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement
Theme: Fact Sheet, Self Help, Children, Parenting
Category: Children, Adults
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