Death in the Public Eye

Death in the Public Eye

Lecture Overview

This recording is of our 2019 Annual Grief Lecture; Death in the Public Eye which saw five panelists come together to discuss; Those who experience a bereavement that is marked by violence, suddenness or due to human actions are forced to navigate two worlds - one populated by the media, the coroner, the legal system and public curiosity and a second, less visible world, of private grief. The 2019 grief lecture will examine what transpires when a death takes place in the public eye. The role and impact of the legal system, a coronial investigation, and the scrutiny of the media will be explored. The lecture will also examine impact upon the bereaved person, and the role played by bereavement counselling and support.



Coroner Rosemary Carlin, Dr Ian Freckelton, Karen Percy, Walter Mikac AM and Dr Jane Mowll

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