The Sympathy Pin
The Sympathy Pin
Communicating the experience of loss and acknowledging the memories of a loved one.

The Sympathy Pin was created as something to support anyone who is experiencing a journey through grief and loss and provide a symbol that would enable community support and empathy.
Karen Taylor created the Sympathy Pin in 1996, following a difficult time in her life, after Karen experienced the loss of several family members. Her personal journey with grief and loss and her exposure to different cultures and the way they deal with death, inspired Karen to create the Sympathy Pin.

The circle is a symbol of eternity and never ending existence. The square represents the earth and earthly existence. The combining of the two is a reminder of the joy of earthly life and eternal memories of a loved one. The symbolic colours of life and death, black and white, are surrounded by gold signifying something precious.

A distinctive pin. Not cause specific, not religious, but for the individual.

Proceeds of all sales goes directly to supporting the services and programs offered by ACGB. The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement, wishes to acknowledge Karen’s generosity.

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