Annual Grief Lecture: Death In The Public Eye

Annual Grief Lecture: Death In The Public Eye
Type: Annual Grief Lecture
Location: Village Roadshow Theatrette, State Library of Victoria Entry 3, 179 Latrobe Street Melbourne & Live Online Streaming
Presenters: Coroner Rosemary Carlin, Walter Mikac, Dr Jane Mowll, Karen Percy & Dr Ian Freckelton

Death in the public eye

Those who experience a bereavement that is marked by violence, suddenness or due to human actions are forced to navigate two worlds - one populated by the media, the coroner, the legal system and public curiosity and a second, less visible world, of private grief. The 2019 grief lecture will examine what transpires when a death takes place in the public eye. The role and impact of the legal system, a coronial investigation, and the scrutiny of the media will be explored. The lecture will also examine impact upon the bereaved person, and the role played by bereavement counselling and support. This lecture is free to attend for ACGB members. 


Coroner Rosemary Carlin
LLB(Hons) BSc
Coroner Rosemary Carlin commenced her legal career as a solicitor for the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). In 1991 she became a barrister and for the next 16 years prosecuted criminal trials, holding the positions of Crown Prosecutor for Victoria, Senior Crown Prosecutor for the Northern Territory and In-house Counsel for the Commonwealth DPP. In 2007 she was appointed a Magistrate and in 2014 began working exclusively as a Coroner.
Coroner Carlin is a member of the Coroner's Education Committee, the Donor Tissue Bank of Victoria Committee, Victims of Crime Consultative Committee and the Asia Pacific Coroners Society.

Walter Mikac AM

Grief in the Public Eye
Walter will explore the traumatic unexpected grief of losing his family at Port Arthur . There was huge media intrusion which complicated the grief many fold. Walter will explore various experiences with the media and also with dealing with politicians . A difficult thing at any time and a monstrous task when your whole reason for living has been extinguished. there will be discussion about recovery - what helped and what didn't and eventually navigated my way through the worst tempest and finding meaning in life again. A celebration of the human spirit!

Dr Jane Mowll
Dr Jane holds a BSW and PhD and is a lecturer in social work at the University of NSW where she also co-convenes the mast of counselling social work. Additionally, Jane is an accredited mental health social worker and a member of the Australian college of social work (clinical division). Jane has over 18 years' experience as a social worker and counsellor in government and private settings. As a senior counsellor at the Department of Forensic Medicine, she worked with colleagues to provide support and counselling to people bereaved after a homicide, accident, suicide, or sudden natural death. In this capacity she and her colleagues also developed a comprehensive support after suicide program, including a support after suicide group which she co facilitated for over 16 years. In her capacity as a counsellor in private practice she continues to provide support and counselling for people bereaved by the expected or sudden and/or violent death of a family member or friend. Jane completed her PhD at the University of NSW in 2011 on the experience of viewing or not viewing the body of a relative after sudden and unexpected death. She continues to write and research in the field of bereavement, particularly in the experiences of navigating the aftermath of a sudden and / or violent death. She is currently leading a team of researchers undertaking a study exploring grief for relatives bereaved after either palliative care or coronial death.

Karen Percy
Karen Percy is a senior journalist with the ABC in Melbourne. In her 30+ years as a reporter - including a stint as a foreign correspondent - she has covered a coup, an assassination, protest movements, natural disasters, crime scenes and the courts round. Everyday she comes in contact with human tragedy and triumph. She is part of the ABC’s highly-regarded peer support program which provides staff-to-staff support for content-makers in stressful and traumatic times. In 2018 she was an Ochberg Fellow at the Dart Centre for Trauma and Journalism in New York.

Dr Ian Freckelton
Grief, Coronial Cases and the Potential for Harm and Help
Dr Freckelton will focus his discussion upon both the therapeutic and counter-therapeutic potential of cases determined by coroners. It will identify those scenarios that can adversely affect the potential for closure and that can result in distortions to the grieving process. He will also reflect on those measures that can promote recovery and a sense that constructive lessons can be learned from a death and therefore that something positive can be drawn from a tragedy. 


Date: Thursday 30th May 2019
Time: 6.30pm - 8.00pm 
Venue: Village Roadshow Theatrette, State Library of Victoria Entry 3, 179 Latrobe Street Melbourne & Live Online Streaming 

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Non-member - $30

Village Roadshow Theatrette State Library of Victoria Entry 3, 179 Latrobe Street Melbourne VIC AUSTRALIA

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