International Educator Tour: With Dr Darcy Harris: Day One

International Educator Tour: With Dr Darcy Harris: Day One
Type: International Educator Tour 2019
Location: Perth City Centre
Presenter: Dr Darcy Harris


Workshop Day One:
Foundations and Current Issues in Loss and Grief Support 

Working with individuals who struggle with issues related to loss and grief immerses us into a very dynamic and diverse field, with new information, approaches, and trends arising on a regular basis. Some of the new areas of focus in grief and loss work include changing ideas about how to define grief and how the support of grieving individuals is different from assessment and intervention models that are designed for working with clinical populations. Related to this topic is the ability to know when the grieving process has crossed the line into a potentially harmful and repetitive process that defies relief.Another trend is the growth of an increasingly older demographic, which has implications for issues related to dependency, non-death losses, and the juggling of everyday life as family systems now may readily span four generations. In addition, models of grief have, in the past, tended to focus on individualistic aspects of grief, without considering the social context and the importance of social norms, expectations, and policies on the experience of grief.In this workshop, we will review the recent research and literature that inform our current understandings about grief and loss, as well as explore how approaches to grief and loss need to adapt to changes in our population and care environments. Special attention will be given to the clinical implications for professionals who work with individuals who experience a wide range and variety of losses.

Learning Objectives:
1. Define and describe the foundational components of grief and how social norms affect the grieving process.
2. Explore different types of loss and the unique forms of grief that accompany them. 
3. Review current research and practice models relevant to supporting grieving individuals. 
4. Differentiate between a supportive model versus an interventionist model of responding to grief. 
5. Identify when grief has gone awry and the clinical practice implications when this occurs.

ACGB Member - $295.00
Non-Member - $340.00

Karstens Perth Cloisters
863 Hay Street, Perth, WA, 6000

Start 9.30am
Finish 4.30pm 

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1/08/2019 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Karstens Perth Cloisters, 863 Hay Street Perth WA 6000 AUSTRALIA

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