Why Do Funerals Matter?

Why Do Funerals Matter?
Type: Webinar
Presenter: Dr. William Hoy
Introductory - Intermediate

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Webinar Overview

Rituals such as funerals, memorial services, and counselling activities can contribute to the aspect of meaning-making known as “legacy.” As bereaved individuals, families, and communities mark the experiences of death, these ceremonies can assist in the transition to a meaningful “new life” for the bereaved. A growing body of research points to the absence of rituals in the immediate aftermath of death as a possible risk factor contributing to complicated bereavement.

In his research into death-related rituals around the world and throughout history, Bill Hoy has discovered a set of core “anchors” that appear to be commonly held among diverse people groups: significant symbols, gathered community, ritual action, cultural heritage, and transition of the dead. In part because the utilisation of these anchors as media for telling the life story of the deceased, they collectively become instruments in establishing a narrative legacy of the deceased. In turn, this enables survivors to capture a stable post-death identity for their loved one. In addition to utilising these five ritual anchors in planning funerals and memorial services, they can also provide a model for counsellor-assisted ritual creation in psychotherapy.

This session will overview the practical application of Dr. Hoy's research but he will also pay special attention to the unique challenges posed to memorialisation in the wake of COVID-10 restrictions on mass gatherings. 

Learning Outcomes:  

  1. Explain the five anchors present in death-related rituals
  2. Describe how survivors create, maintain, and modify the deceased's legacy through ritual elements 
  3. Identify needs for continuing research on the role of funeral rituals in adjustment to loss

Presenter Bio: 

William G. Hoy, D,Min, FT

William G. Hoy, D.Min., FT, is clinical professor of medical humanities at Baylor University and an authority on the role of social support in death, dying and grief, especially through funeral rituals, the primary focus of his research. His career spans more than 35 years including nearly 17 years directing the community bereavement and pastoral care programs for a southern California hospice for more than 16 years. He has taught at Baylor since 2012. He is the author of more than 100 book chapters, journal articles and educational pamphlets and has authored six books, three of which remain in print.

Dr. Hoy is active in leadership of the Association for Death Education & Counselling and completes seven years on the board and association treasurer in April. He holds the Fellow in Thanatology (FT), the advanced practice credential in death, dying and bereavement. He is a frequently-invited keynote and workshop speaker, annually presenting more than 50 continuing education workshops and addresses for professionals in mental health, nursing, education, medicine, funeral service, and ministry.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2020


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Western Australia: 8.30am - 10.00am AWST

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