Supporting Those Before and After a Death

Supporting Those Before and After a Death
Type: Workshop
Location: Brisbane, QLD
Presenter: Monika Wilson
Level: Introductory
Audience: The workshop is suitable for Palliative care nurses, nurses, social workers, aged care workers, counsellors

Workshop Overview: Supporting Those Before and After Experiencing a Death

While we are aware that ‘death and loss come to all of us’, humans spend most of their time focused on living life. When confronted with the certainty of an impending death or the news of an illness that is certain to bring death, life takes on a very different focus.

This workshop pays attention to supporting those living with death or loss on their immediate horizon and introduces the concept of ‘living into loss’, which involves giving acknowledgement to both the grief or losses as they occur and finding ways to embrace the parts of life that still exist. Consideration will be given to the impact of working with the dying on support professionals themselves. Ways to assist people to prepare for the death or loss when it occurs will also be covered in this workshop.

Learning Outcomes: At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

Describe what is meant by anticipatory grief, in light of current theory and practice in the field of grief counselling
Identify a range of strategies that can be used to support people before and after death
Apply the concepts of 'living into loss' when working with grieving individuals
Be aware of how anticipatory grief can impact on professionals working in the field. 

Presenter: Monika Wilson

Monika Wilson, as a researcher, teacher and counsellor, has specialised in the areas of grief, bereavement and palliative care for twenty years.  This has included teaching grief and palliative care in academic settings and palliative care organisations.

Her training combines up to date research, practical skills development, and a heartfelt and honest approach which resonates with peoples’ lived experience of loss and suffering. 

Community education about grief through funeral homes, local libraries and community centres has also featured in Monika’s vocational life. Whilst working in a community hospice, Monika successfully carried out a project in - Building Supportive Communities: Providing education, information and support for the grief and spiritual needs of dying people and their families.   Another government grant enabled the Confident Caring Project – caring for people with Motor Neurone Disease, where Monika worked for MNDA and MND Qld for several years, supporting people and families living with MND.

She was named the recipient of the Ian Maddocks Palliative Care Award for the youngest researcher in palliative care.

For the last eight years, in her private practice - ReConnections, she offers services to people experiencing loss, illness and the end of life, and holds several contracts with local community organisations and aged care settings.

Workshop Details: 

Venue: Karstens Brisbane
Level 24, 215 Adelaide Street
Brisbane, QLD, 4000

Date: Friday, 9th October 2020

Times: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Early Bird Pricing: Early Bird Pricing will be available up until 2 weeks prior the workshop. After this date, the standard price will apply.

ACGB member: $295.00
Non-member price: $340.00
Standard Pricing:

ACGB member: $340.00
Non-member price: $395.00

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Karstens Brisbane Level 24, 215 Adelaide Street Brisbane City QLD 4000 AUSTRALIA
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