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2 x 3-hour workshop – in person - 11.Apr.23
2020 e-Conference Webinar Package
Presenter: Dr Robert Neimeyer, Dr Phyllis Kosminsky, Dr Paul Boelen, Dr Sheldon Solomon and Dr Emmy van Deurzen
Recorded: Monday 13th July – Friday 17th July 2020

Webinar Overviews

Intervening in Meaning: New Directions in Grief Therapy: Viewed from a constructivist perspective, a central process in grieving is the attempt to reaffirm or... Details

35 Ways to Help a Grieving Child
If you know a child who has experienced the death of a parent, caregiver, sibling, grandparent or friend, you may have wondered how to support them. This guidebook presents simple, practical suggestions drawn from the experiences of thousands of grieving children and teens about what helps and what doesn’t. Learn what to expect from grieving children at different ages, how to provide safe outlets for children to express their thoughts and feelings, and how to support them during... Details
8 Keys to Safe Trauma Recovery
Trauma recovery is tricky; however, there are several key principles that can help make the process safe and effective. 8 Keys to Safe Trauma Recovery: Take-Charge Strategies to Empower Your Healing gives self help readers, therapy clients, and therapists alike the skills to understand and implement eight keys to successful trauma healing.

Author: Babette Rothschild
ISBN: 9780393706055
Theme: Therapy, Practice, Self Care, Self... Details
Ability, Ageing and Dementia

Type: Self-paced Course

Level: Intermediate

Audience: Professional members of the public who would like to learn more about the grief and loss of ageing and dementia.

Format: Pre-recorded 4-hour recordings to watch in your own time.

This course will take participants through an exploration of the many facets of grief... Details

About Grief Information Sheet (x 10)
Grief is our response to loss. It is the normal, natural and inevitable response to loss, and it can affect every part of our life, including our thoughts, behaviours, beliefs, feelings, physical health and our relationships with others.

This double-sided, A4-sized information sheet is designed to provide general information about grief, including ways you can support yourself when grieving.

Author: Australian Centre for Grief and... Details
After a Death: An Activity Book for Children
This easy-to-use workbook is designed for children ages 5–12 who have experienced the death of a family member or friend. With a mixture of creative activities and tips for dealing with changes at school, home and with friends, this is a great tool for all grieving children. It includes a variety of drawing and writing exercises to help children remember the person who died, and learn new ways to live with the loss.

Author: The Dougy Center
ISBN:... Details
After a Murder: A Workbook for Grieving Kids
Through the stories, thoughts and feelings of other kids who have experienced a murder, this hands-on workbook allows children to see that they are not alone in their feelings and experiences. The workbook includes drawing activities, puzzles and word games to help explain confusing elements specific to a murder, such as the police, media and legal system.

Author: The Dougy Center
ISBN: 9781890534073
Theme: Children, Parenting, Murder,... Details
After Life, After You
Based around a series of conversations and reflections, After Life, After You: True Stories of Love, Grief and Hope is the story of three men and seven women who have faced the untimely or unexpected death of their partner. This book is an exploration of their love for their partners, the experience of rebuilding their shattered lives, and the process of learning to cope with their grief in order to develop the capacity to experience joy once again.

Author: ... Details
After Suicide Loss: Coping with your Grief 2nd Edition
A 156-page book for people whose loved one has died from suicide. It is a gentle guide through events and reactions that often occur during the first year and beyond following suicide. Suicide touches the lives of thousands of people who must deal with the agony and mystery of this tragic phenomenon. In After Suicide Loss, Jordan and Baugher share their vast knowledge and wisdom regarding suicide bereavement. You are guided from the moment of personal impact through the first year... Details
Aging, Ageism and Care: Exploring the Needs of Families and
Presenter: Dr Darcy Harris

Recorded: 10th March 2020

Webinar Overview: Ageing, Ageism and Care: Exploring the Needs of Families and Elders

Ageing, Ageism and Care: Exploring the Needs of Families and Elders. Identify the unique needs and issues of an ageing population upon clinicians, health care, and families.... Details

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Presenter: Tony Johannsen
Recorded: February 21st, 2018

Webinar Overview: Alcohol and Other Drugs - Why a Person May Choose To Use

This webinar aims to; dispel some of the myths around substance use and substance users, to explore the underlying factors that may contribute ... Details

Ambiguity of Non-death Loss

Level: Intermediate

Audience: Professional members of the public who would like to learn more about the grief associated with non-death losses.

Format: Pre-recorded 4-hour recordings to watch in your own time.

All losses have some element of ambiguity. However, for those who experience losses such as awaiting the return of a missing... Details

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Presenter: Dr Irene Renzenbrink

Recorded: 26th August 2021

Webinar Overview: An Expressive Arts Approach to Healing Loss and Grief

This webinar will introduce core concepts and practices of Expressive Arts Therapy. This approach uses 'all of the arts' and 'artistic retellings' in helping people to discover imaginative and artistic resources that promote resilience in loss... Details

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Presenter: Kylie Duncan

Recorded: May 23rd, 2018

Webinar Overview: Approaches to Self Care for those working in the field of Grief and Bereavement

The webinar aims to teach listeners about the importance of self care and the impact of Vicarious Traumatisation/Compassion Fatigue in the context of working with grief and bereavement. It will go through a practical understanding... Details

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Presenter: Dr Phyllis Kosminsky

Recorded: 14th July 2020

Webinar Overview: Attachment and Loss: From Practice to theory and back again.

Presentations like this one offer abundant opportunities to learn, to share, and to reflect on what we have come to understand about grief, loss, and the work of providing support to those affected by painful life changes. They also provide... Details

Bereavement and Trauma
Presenter: Fiona Maccallum
Recorded: June 19th, 2019

Webinar Overview:

This webinar aims to provide an overview of developments in conceptualising and treating complex and prolonged grief reactions including:
1) assessment of prolonged grief and trauma reactions
2) case formulation
3) treatment strategies

Presenter... Details

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Presenter: Danny Nugus

Recorded: 20th November 2019

Webinar Overview: Bereavement Care in a Coronial Setting

How well do you understand families' current or past experiences of the systems they come in contact with following an unexpected or unexplained death reported to the Coroner? How confident would you be in helping someone to navigate an unfamiliar, confusing, and... Details

Bereavement in the Workplace Information Sheet (x10)
Most people spend a good part of their day at work and, as a result, the people they work with can become like a close
extended family.

When a colleague dies, or when someone in the workplace is grieving a death, the impact on co-workers can significantly affect the workplace.

Each person’s experience of loss is unique; however, there are some common responses to loss. These include; sadness, anxiety, fear, mistrust, betrayal, irritability, guilt,... Details
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Presenter: Lefteris Patlamazoglou

Recorded: September 5th, 2018

Webinar Overview: Bereavement of Same-Sex Partners: Implications for Practice

The increasing legal acknowledgement, visibility and sociocultural inclusivity on a global scale has seen an growing number of LGBTIG-identifying individuals seeking counselling and psychological support. This webinar will provide an... Details

Bereavement: Studies of Grief in Adult Life, 4th Edition
Bereavement: Studies of Grief in Adult Life, 4th Edition recognises that there is no single solution to the problems of bereavement, but that an understanding of grief can help the bereaved to realise that they are not alone in their experience. Long recognised as the authoritative work of its kind, this new edition has been revised and extended to take into account recent research findings on both sides of the Atlantic, including traumatic loss, disasters and complicated... Details
Caregiver Stress and Staff Support
Caregiver Stress and Staff Support in Illness, Dying, and Bereavement discusses the challenge of finding a balance between the support needs of patients, families and staff, and the resources available. With contributions from practitioners and researchers from around the world, this book recognises that palliative care today is being provided in many different settings and that there may be wide variations in the way individuals and organisations identify and manage the... Details
Cognitive Grief Therapy
In successful grief therapy, a healthy psyche copes with the stress of loss by maintaining high functioning in day-to-day life while constructing a positive inner relationship with the deceased. In Cognitive Grief Therapy: Constructing Meaning in Life Following a Loss Malkinson shows professionals how to achieve these aims in the context of brief cognitive therapy with individuals, couples and families.

Author: Ruth Malkinson
ISBN:... Details
Compassion: The Essence of Palliative Care
Compassion: The Essence of Palliative Care and End of Life Care is focused on exploring aspects of the lived experience of compassion through the narrative accounts of some of the most inspirational clinicians working in palliative care globally. Chapters utilise case examples and first-hand experiences to explore the historical and contemporary discourse surrounding the concept of compassion in palliative medicine. This book is relevant to a multidisciplinary audience of... Details
Complicated Grief
How can complicated grief be defined? How does it differ from normal patterns of grief and grieving? Who among the bereaved is particularly at risk? Can clinical intervention reduce complications? Complicated Grief: Scientific Foundations for Health Professionals provides a balanced, up-to-date, state-of- the-art account of the scientific foundations surrounding the topic of complicated grief. In this book, Stroebe, Schut and van den Bout address the basic questions about the ... Details