Volume 13, 2010

Below are the issues published in 2010.

Volume 13, Issue 1, Autumn 2010

Road Trauma

Editor: Christopher Hall

Real MADD: How to Help Road Trauma

Janice Harris Lord

Trauma Matters Too

John Downes

Death as a Result of Culpable Driving

Vivienne Bateman

Roadside Mourning: Exposing the Grief
Behind Roadside Memorial Construction

Jennifer Clark & Toni Todswell


Volume 13, Issue 2, Winter 2010

Disasters: Victorian Bushfires 2009

Editor: Christopher Hall

The 2009 Victorian bushfires: Psychosocial

Brigid Clarke, Lothar Wahl, & Genelle Ryan

  The interface between trauma and grief
  following the Victorian bushfires: Clinical
  interventions beyond the crisis

  Vivienne Bateman

Disasters and remembrance: A journey to a
new place

J. F. Richardson

Shaping bereavement services to meet the
needs of breeaved people following the
2009 Victorian bushfires.
Anne Giljohann, Annie Norrish, Marg Bailey,
Colin Charles, Simon Djurdjevic, Gill Moseley,
Nerida Melsmith, Maria Smart, & Angela Wallis


Volume 13, Issue 3, Summer 2010

Social and Cultural Aspects of Grief

Guest Editor: Martin Ryan

"Power and prejudice": Thinking differently
about grief

June Allan, Louise Harms, Linda Espie, &
Annie Cantwell-Bartl

The nexus between material circumstances,
cultural context and experiences of loss,
grief and trauma: Complexities in working
with refugees in the early phases of

June Allan & Lew Hess

Identity and the good death in the narratives
of bereaved Japanese people
Christine Valentine